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Purchase: Railway Water Protection Police Dagger [M1938] - Eickhorn Solingen

Eickhorn Carl, Solingen

This Reichsbahn-Wasserschutzpolizei - RWP (Railways and Waterway Protection Police) Dagger is the rarest of all production daggers, it is in NEAR MINT condition with Portepee. Model 1938. The total length is 40.2 cm. The Dagger has the maker mark on the blade: Eickhorn Solingen.

Grip: The pommel, collar, grip, ferrule, and scabbard bands are of the design that is unique to the 8ahnschutzdagger and also to this item. The cross guard is a standard form Army cross guard. The grip is in excellent condition, with no damage whatsoever. The metal portions of the hilt are primarily die castings, and made of some type of Zinc-aluminium alloy. They are well detailed on the exterior surface, although there are some slight damage indentations on the top of the pommel and the broad outer ring rim. There is some coarseness to the underside of the pommel extension, and also on the top of the collar, this probably the result of some finishing to remove traces of the metal sprue which remained when the pieces were originally die injected during manufacture. Similar slight coarseness is also visible on the upper and lower sides of the ferrule. All portions where coarseness of finishing is evident, are not visible when the piece is assembled. The crossguard is in MINT condition and well detailed in the form of the national eagle.

Blade: The blade is as good as the rest of the dagger. This blade is flat out mint with all the original grain and needlelike tip. The reverse ricasso is darkly etched with the 1935-41 logo. It features a squirrel facing to the left holding a downward pointing sword. Above the animal is the quality word, “original” and below is the firm’s name and location, “Eickhorn  Solingen”. The original small style blade washer is in place protecting this beautiful mint blade.

Scabbard: The scabbard is in MINT condition, with no damage or knocks, The scabbard is straight as an arrow. It retains its crisp pebbled panel design. There are frosted remains in the protected areas around the bands. The bands are very fine. The thick-style throat is retained by a single screw in the reverse center. A very fine scabbard here.

  • Railway Water Protection Police Dagger [M1938] - Eickhorn Solingen

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