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Purchase: Luftwaffe [1st Model - M1935] Dagger - F. & A. Helbig GAEFLER, Steinbach

Helbig F.&A. GAEFLER, Steinbach

This F. & A. Helbig GAEFLER, 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger recently comes from a veteran's family, and it is complete with photos . The dagger is one the aluminum types. Upon close inspection, however, the pommel does show some signs of use on the surfaces, as does the crossguard. The grip is a carved wood base, being covered with dark blue Moroccan leather. This leather is in excellent condition, show little in the way of wear and retaining the original grains. The leather is tightly wrapped with a skein of triple-wrapped silver wire, having a twisted center. The scabbard shell is straight throughout. He shell is covered with matching blue Moroccan leather. The scabbard mounts have the same satin look seen on the hilt fittings. These mounts are retained by headless side screws which are all present and unturned. Attached to the upper and center carrying ring is a matching aluminum chain. This chain is equipped with six ringlets on the upper chain and eight on the lower. Both chains are connected to a matching aluminum snap clip, which is marked on the reverse, Ges. Gesch. Beneath the trademark terms is the maker mark within a diamond, OLC. This blade features nickel-plated surfaces, being bright throughout and retaining a needle-like tip. This blade is marked on the reverse with F. & A. Helbig GAEFLER, Steinbach. The blue leather blade buffer is in place.

  • Luftwaffe [1st Model - M1935] Dagger - F. & A. Helbig GAEFLER, Steinbach

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