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Purchase: SA Honor Dagger [Early Version] by F. W. Backhaus Solingen

Backhaus F. W., Solingen

This SA [Sturmabteilung] Honor (Christmas) Dagger is in EXC++ condition. Model 1933. The total length is 37.3 cm. Early Nickel fittings. Maker mark on the blade: F. W. Backhaus Solingen.

Grip: The grip is a beauty. It is of High Ridge construction and in EXC++ condition. The SA runes button is nicely placed, while the nickel grip eagle is detailed throughout. It is the christmas dagger style. The crossguards are in the Suhl style, with the characteristic upward pointing quillon ends on the lower guard. These guards have excellent smooth surfaces, with well-defined edges and sharply cut accent grooves.

Blade: The blade is in fine condition. The SA motto is crisp and deep. The reverse ricasso is etched with the firm's name and location, “F. W. Backhaus Solingen” contained with ovals.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is a fine example, having just about all of the original anodized surface. There is also some original lacquer scattered around the scabbard. A few minor age spots are visible in the finish, but overall it is a pretty nice example. The scabbard mounts are of solid matching nickel, in good condition.

  • SA Honor Dagger [Early Version] by F. W. Backhaus Solingen

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