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Purchase: German coin catalog 18th century 1700 - 1806 by Gerhard Schön

This catalog includes coins from Germany, Austria and Switzerland of the 18th century

- the only collector's catalog of this era

For reasons of monetary history, neighboring areas were included if their minting was based on German coin types or if they were temporarily linked to a part of the Reich.

The coins of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation from 1700 to 1806, from over 350 individual states of the German Empire, the Habsburg countries and Switzerland, from secular and spiritual rulers, were completely cataloged. Designed as a manual and type catalog, the work offers a quick overview of the mintings of the individual areas and their current market prices in euros in three levels of preservation thanks to its clear form of description and the most complete illustration possible with 10,000 coins in front and rear view and original size.


  •     Published: Battenberg Verlag
  •     ISBN: 978-3-86646-133-8
  •     Edition: 5th edition 2019
  •     Images: numerous black and white images
  •     Paperback: 1464 pages
  •     Format: 17 x 24 cm

  • German coin catalog 18th century 1700 - 1806 by Gerhard Schön

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