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Purchase: German Wehrmacht Soldier by Karl Ens Porcelain

Karl Ens Figure of a Wehrmacht soldier called Grenade Thrower (Handgranatenwerfer). A rare example of a Third Reich Art. This model was later produced by Allach porcelain manufactory. This fine antique porcelain figurine shows the Friedrich Karl Ens Porcelain trademark "ENS" and a number "7025" impressed in the underside of the base. Condition of this exquisitly fine antique German porcelain figurine statue is mint. An excellent white glazed porcelain figure, it shows a Wehrmacht soldier "Handgranatenwerfer" holding a stick grenade M24 in his both hands. The condition is Mint. Total weight 1370 g. Dimensions: 330 x 160 x 120 mm.

  • German Wehrmacht Soldier by Karl Ens Porcelain

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