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Purchase: Luftwaffe Dagger [M1937] with Hangers, Portepee and Artificial Damascus Blade by Pet. Dan. Krebs Solingen

Krebs Peter Daniel, Solingen

This 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger is in MINT condition with Artificial Damascus Blade. Model 1937. The total length is 43.0 cm. The Dagger has the maker mark on the blade: PET. DAN. KREBS SOLINGEN - Peter Daniel Krebs, Solingen.

Grip: The pommel has good detail to the oak leaves that surround the swastikas on both sides. These oak leaves have hand enhancements, and good pebbling in the plain areas. The crossguard features a fine, Luftwaffe eagle flying to the left, clutching a mobile swastika in his talons. The detail to the bird's head and breast area is still mint. The pebbled pattern on the reverse is also in good condition. The grip is a wartime white example, which is the style that has a carved wood base internally. This grip is in very good condition, except for a couple of extremely small hairliners that appear in the upper rib section. The grip is tightly wrapped with twisted, silver wire.

Blade: The blade is an artificially etched example, which is done in the pattern of "small roses". The blade is in MINT condition throughout, with no flaws or problems. The artificial Damascus was known as the "poor man's Damascus", as it certainly was priced a lot cheaper than a true Damascus blade, but yet gave a fine, dramatic effect to the piece. The reverse ricasso is etched with a shield device, having a lobster inside. The lobster is well detailed, with its two claws sticking upward. Around the shield is the firm's name and location, "PET. DAN KREBS/ SOLINGEN". The original black leather blade buffer is in place.

Scabbard: The scabbard appears to be a generic style. This scabbard is nice and straight throughout, and has good, plated surfaces. The bands have good detail to the oak leaves positioned on 45 degree angles around the circumference. The throat is retained by two headless, flush mount screws, one on each side.

  • Luftwaffe Dagger [M1937] with Hangers, Portepee and Artificial Damascus Blade by Pet. Dan. Krebs Solingen

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