Berlin Police Enlisted Man's Shako

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Berlin Police Enlisted Man's


Polizei-Verwaltung in Krefeld


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Berlin Police Enlisted Man's Shako

This Berlin Shako is of an all black patent leather finish. The shakos issued in other regions of Germany have the green felt center areas. The patent leather throughout this shako is still in very fine condition, and I see no attic crazing anywhere. On both sides of the shako are dual air vents, just below the cap area. There is an aluminum, open-style police insignia on the obverse. It is quite a large insignia, featuring fine detail to the left facing eagle. The detail to the wing feathering is outstanding. The eagle is clutching a wreath of overlapping oak leaves surrounding a raised out mobile swastika. The swastika is pebbled, as are the backgrounds. The eagle is superimposed over a large wreath of triple overlapping oak leaves and acorns. Attached to the upper part of the eagle is the metal cockade. This cockade has lined rings of aluminum running around the outside, while the center bears an read and black ovals. Below the insignia is the black leather chin strap which has two adjustable buckles. The brim of the shako is matching and there is one on the front and another on the rear. The liner is of brown kidskin, having eight tongues all of which are intact, with what appears to be be the original gathering string. There are no markings on the inside of this shako. The undersides of both brims are in a dark green color.

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