Army Dovehead Sword by Alcoso Solingen

Coppel Alexander ALCOSO Solingen

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Coppel Alexander ALCOSO Solingen




877 mm


857 g (with Portepee)


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Question to product? Product number 2009-7818

Army Dovehead Sword by Alcoso Solingen

This Army Dove Head Sword, which is also stamped on the reverse blade ricasso. Maker on the blade is Alcoso Solingen.

Grip: The grip of this example is a black celluloid over a carved wood base. The celluloid is in perfect condition throughout and is wrapped with triple twisted aluminum wire the center being slightly larger proportioned. The dove head pommel area has fine raised out oak leafing with acorns which runs down the backstrap and into the two grip tabs. The same motif is repeated on the “P” guard. The ferrule has oak leaves running around its circumference.

Blade: The long blade is a high quality example, measuring 74,4 cm in length. It is nice and bright with mirror nickel-plated finish. This blade shows only the most modest of age signs but still grades in mint condition, the reverse features the Alcoso maker mark with the firm’s name and the location, “Solingen”. The original brown leather washer is in place.

Scabbard: The scabbard of this example also has good original paint. There is some age and spidering I the paint but a lot of this could be lessened with a little bit of wax and effort on the next owner’s part. The paint is still 95% and does have some sheen still left in its surfaces.

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