SS Chained Dagger [M1936] with Type-C Chain

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M1936 [Late Version]


Meine Ehre heißt Treue «My honor is loyalty»




372 mm


513 g


Type-C chain type: chain made of nickel plated iron. Wotan node broken.



Question to product? Product number 1522-31516

SS Chained Dagger [M1936] with Type-C Chain

The SS Chained Dagger is a late example produced with Type-C (Ralf Siegert) and Type-I (Thomas Wittmann) chain. Model 1936. The dagger is in EXC+ condition throughout.

Grip: The dagger has excellent nickel-plated cross guards. The matching, nickel-plated tang nut is in good condition. The ebony grip is a fine, having sharp contour ridges. The SS runes button is nicely-placed, having perfect enamel and double circles around the matching runes button. The grip eagle is the nickel type. All details are visible to the bird's head, breast and wing feathering, talons, wreath and swastika. The grip nicely fits the cross guards.

Blade: The unmarked blade is a nice example. There are some minor scratches and some normal in and out markings, but basically, this blade is in good condition and rates at least excellent plus. The SS motto Meine Ehre heißt Treue «My honor is loyalty» is deep and crisp. This good blade perfectly fits the lower cross guard contour..

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight, having fine new black paint. The scabbard mounts, since they are part of the Type I chain assembly, are also nickel-plated. The upper mount remains in fine condition. The lower mount is showing some age to the plating. The center mount features the raised intertwined swastikas - there are three on the obverse and three on the reverse. The mount surfaces have a good pebbled finish. The plating of the ramp is showing some age graying, matching that of the Type I (Type-C - Ralf Siegert) chain assembly. The links have crisp skull and bones depiction, alternating with like-conditioned SS runes. These links all have excellent pebbled back grounding, and the connector tabs are in perfect condition. The matching open-style clover leaf has the DRGM letters visible at the below snap clip surface. The first link of the upper chain is deeply stamped with the SS Kulturzeichen proofing.

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