Red Cross Enlisted Man's Hewer [M1938]

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Red Cross Enlisted Man's Hewer [M1938]

German DRK [Deutsches Rotes Kreuz] Red Cross Enlisted Man's Hewer is in EXC condition throughout. Model 1938. The total length is 41.5 cm.

Grip: The pommel cap is crisp throughout its entirety, having all of the plating around the edges. The crossguard area is in EXC+ condition. The crossguard features oval disk on the reverse; the reverse oval is plain.The grip plates are the black Bakelite type. The reverse plate has a smooth surface, while the obverse plate is nicely checkered. These plates are retained by screws with spanner nuts. The screws retain of of their surface plating.

Blade: The blade of this dagger is in MINT condition. It has the characteristic blunted tip and brutal looking sawback spine. The sawback is so sharp that it grabs at your finger with even the lightest touch. The ricasso on this blade is unmarked, and the original black leather blade buffer in in place.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight. The original paint is in good condition. There are a few minor crazing marks in the finish, but basically they just tell you that this paint is old. The lower scabbard mount is retained by two flatter-style screws on each side. This mount has all of the plating intact. The upper mount is also fully plated, showing little to no age and is retained by two flatter-head side screws.

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