Imperial Naval Dirk [M1905] with Hangers & Knot by WKC Solingen

Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie. WKC

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Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie. WKC




double-edged, marine motifs on both sides


410 mm


494 g


Two-piece buckets lined with velvet



Question to product? Product number 1450-11316II

Imperial Naval Dirk [M1905] with Hangers & Knot by WKC Solingen

This German Imperial Naval Dirk is in EXC++ condition and complete with hangers and knot. The grip is of extremely fine Elfenbein in totally perfect condition. Model 1905. The maker mark is by WKC Solingen.

Grip: The grip is of extremely fine Elfenbein in totally perfect condition. Both sides of the grip have taken on a golden tone and have very visible graining. The grip is tightly wrapped with thick brass wire. This wrap has strapped a century of residue around the rib areas. This dirk has highest quality brass mounts, featuring a pommel with the extra-cost open finial top. The finial arms are beautifully shaped, and hold an orb set with a cross at the top. The open finial permits the viewer to look at the pommel top, which has a very fine, hand worked diamond pattern with dots in the center. The outside of the pommel features the alternating dome shaped figures that house crosses and Prussian eagles. The Imperial crossguard retains of the original gilding. The center block has a decoration of fouled anchors on both sides. The anchors are well raised out, and has attractive pebbling in the backgrounds. The four-sided arms flow outward in capstans. The upper portion of the guard is also nicely engraved with floral designs where it flares outward to accept the grip. Gracing the hilt of this dirk is a most desirable Imperial portepee. This silver portepee has toned to a shade of gold over the years. The portepee is tied in the Imperial method and looks to be 100% original to the piece. There is no fraying anywhere on this cord. The slide and stem are of bullion material and the small lower ball is of all bullion construction.

Blade: The blade is exceptionally nice, being a fine nickel-plated type with a ricasso that has a center ridge. It is etched on both sides. The etching still has all of the frosting in the backgrounds and only takes up half of the blade. The obverse depicts a sea plant at the beginning, and an Imperial crown set above a fouled anchor in the center. The reverse blade depicts another sea plant, as well as a fully rigged sailing ship gliding over the ocean toward the viewer. This blade retains a needle-like tip. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the smaller knight head figure, the style that was used at the turn of the last century. The original brown leather washer is in place.

Scabbard: The scabbard has the lightning bolt motif, and is straight throughout. This brass scabbard has hints of gilding remaining in the recesses. The pattern features palmettes on either side of the bands, and the lower portion is stamped with lightning bolts, ermine feet and pointy acanthus leaves. The bands are in the guilloche style, which means they have an intricate and repetitive pattern; in this case the are made to simulate a navy hawser wrapped around a piling. The throat is retained by two brass flat head screws.

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