Italian MSVN Fascist Leader's Dagger [M1939] with Hangers

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Scuotto Brevetto Napoli




345 mm


333 g


Leather Hangers



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Italian MSVN Fascist Leader's Dagger [M1939] with Hangers

MSVN Model 1939 Italian Fascist Dagger with Leather Hangers by Scuotto Brevetto Napoli. This MSVN (Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale) Dagger is in EXC++ condition. Total length 34,5 cm.

Grip: The grip plates are inlays of black Bakelite. The reverse plate is plain, with the exception of a brass retention screw. The obverse is inset with a flush mount fasces insignia; a cylinder bundle of rods with an axe head projecting out from the right. The pommel has a highly stylized eagle head pommel, with an interesting, almost reptilian countenance. The side braces and crossguard are plain. The guard features an upward pointing left quillon.

Blade: The blade is an extremely fine chrome plated example being in full mint condition. It has a good needlelike tip and is fashioned with a short ricasso, single cutting edge and false edge that runs about halfway back the upper spine.

Scabbard: The scabbard is straight throughout and with original paint. This paint is at least 95% intact. The scabbard has two plain brass bands equipped with eyelets and brass carrying rings. The lower chape tapers nicely to a ball at the bottom, and is an attractive copper color. An outstanding set of leather hanging accompanies this dagger. The leather is in excellent condition throughout. The reverse of the straps at the upper area is maker marked with elliptical symbols and the city “Scuotto Brevetto Napoli”. The upper portion of the straps terminate in a brass “M”. Above this is a Roman eagle cartouche equipped with push-in snap clips.

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