National Shooting Association Cutlass [M1939]

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Deutscher Schützen-Verband


single-edged, hunting scenes and hunting trophies


540 mm


343 g



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National Shooting Association Cutlass [M1939]

This DSV [Deutscher Schützen-Verband] National Shooting Association Cutlass is in EXC+ condition. Model 1939. The total length is 54.0 cm.

Grip: The grip base is carved wood coated with a thin shell of celluloid. These rifles have nice detailing and are constructed of brass. These fittings have a nickel-plated surface. The top of the pommel cap has a screw which retains the tang. The edges of the pommel have a decoration of raised lines, which are seen again on the ferrule below. The crossguard having a plain center area on both sides with plain quillon arms, the left pointing upward and ending in an acorn and the right pointing downward and tipped with another acorn. The caps of the acorns are nicely hand accented. The clamshell below has a pebbled surface decorated with a half wreath of oak leaves at the left and another with laurel leaves and berries at the right. In the center is an applied enamel button having the insignia of the Shooting Association in the center. This insignia has the usual two swastikas between the words spelling out the organization, “Deutscher Schützen Verband” This is “German Shooting Association.” The insignia is applied with prongs which are bent on the reverse.

Blade: The long blade is 40 cm in length. This blade has a matte finish, and is etched. The etch on the obverse features floral designs near the ricasso, and features a target design superimposed over crossed rifles. Next comes more floral decoration, and a forestry scene with two bucks resting under a tree. The reverse etch features a star-like plant near the ricasso area, with floral detailing in which can be see various hunting implements. In the center are is another forest scene, this one depicting a large stag leaping over a fence. The etch is finished out with more floral designs. The original felt buffer is in place.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is a fine black leather, still nice and supple, with twin accent lines running the length of both sides. The scabbard is sewn of the center of the reverse facing in the usual manner. This leather is really in exceptional condition, having no kinks in it, which are often found on these scabbards. These mounts are plain, having scalloped edges where they met the shell. The mounts are retained by staples in the usual manner.

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