NSFK Glider Pilot Knife [M1934] with Hanger - Gebr. Heller Marienthal

Heller Gebrüder, Marienthal

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Heller Gebrüder, Marienthal






345 mm


418 g (with Hanger)


Short leather-hanger



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NSFK Glider Pilot Knife [M1934] with Hanger - Gebr. Heller Marienthal

German NSFK [Nationalsozialistische Fliegerkorps] Glider Pilot´s Dagger. Model 1937. This early NSFK Glider Pilot's Dagger is in an uncleaned, condition. The mounts are all heavy nickel with original patina. A nice Glider Pilot example here if you can live with the fact that it is re-tipped. It is priced accordingly.

Grip: The fittings on this Heller example are very early and they have not been cleaned in recent years but have a good strong patination throughout. The pommel is the three-stage type and it shows no hits or problems. The cross guard center block has the medallion insert. The insert has a black mobile swastika on each side. The enameling still looks good throughout. The gracefully curving cross guard wings are three-stage motif and on one edge there is a letter “k” stamped. The grip is a wood base covered with blue Moroccan leather. The covering is done in two pieces as we usually see. This grip is more bulbous in the center and tapers to both ends. This leather is in perfect condition throughout, still having good prominent graining.

Blade: The blade of this example is still mostly bright. It has some or most of its original cross graining in the surfaces. On the obverse, there is a little rub spot near the ricasso area where someone cleaned off some rust long ago. The tip of this example was broken off when they obtained the dagger. We welded, shaped and polished a new tip for this piece and I think if I did not tell you, you would probably never know. This new tip came out outstanding. The reverse of the ricasso is deeply etched with the pleasing marking of a balloon man selling his wares. The balloon man walks over the firm’s name, town and location Gebr. Heller Marienthal bei Schweina/Trh. This fine blade is protected by the original matching blue grained leather washer.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight throughout. This shell is covered with matching blue Moroccan leather also having fine grain pattern. This leather is also in perfect condition. The upper and lower scabbard mounts nicely match the patination of the hilt fittings. The mounts have the twin line decoration near the edges where they meet the scabbard shell. The throat on this example is marked with the winged man clutching a swastika. Additionally, the throat is stamped with a stick bird waffenamp. Looking at the opposite end of the cross guard quillon, I also see there is a waffenamp stamp there which appears out of the depths of the patination. The scabbard mounts are retained by flathead style screws which are all present and unbuggered.

Hanger: Attached to the carrying ring is the original leather short hanger. This leather shows age and usage but it is still sound. The leather is retained by two oval discs which are rivet-held. There is a matching patinated unmarked snap clip attached to the hanging strap.

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