Diplomatic Official's Dagger [M1939] by Alcoso Solingen

Coppel Alexander ALCOSO Solingen

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Coppel Alexander ALCOSO Solingen






392 mm


373 g



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Diplomatic Official's Dagger [M1939] by Alcoso Solingen

This Diplomatic Official's Dagger is in EXC++ condition. In fact, Diplomatic Official's daggers have become extremely rare. Model 1939. The reverse ricasso is etched with the trademark of this firm. The logo contain the firm’s name and location, ACS Alcoso Solingen.

Grip: The silvering throughout the hilt is outstanding. The eagle head is extremely crisp throughout the beak, brow and extended point at the back of the head. The eagle’s head has excellent detail to the eye and the feathering on both obverse and reverse that flows downward from the brow area. The border below the beak and the pommel, stretching down to the backstrap has very fine hand engraved lines that follow the edges. The left side plate is in outstanding condition. The ferrule area is in excellent condition having the hand cut twin sets of accent lines around the circumference. The crossguard depicts a outstretched wing eagle which looks to the viewer’s right. The detail to the bird’s eye and the two accent lines at the breast area are nice and clear. The wing feathering has lots of hand treatment to give a crisp look to each area. The talons of the bird are also hand accented and they grasp an oak leaf wreath which contains a raised mobile swastika which is positioned deep within the center area of the wreath. The upper areas of the crossguard also have full silvering with some frosting still evident. The Alcoso diplomatic crossguards have a larger wreath than do the government official counterparts. This is the case here also. The grip plates are a great simulated mother of pearl actually being celluloid. They have impressive swirls in the surfaces and have turned a very desirable golden color.

Blade: The blade is nice and bright throughout having good needlelike tip. The crossgraining is evident when moved in a proper light. This blade remains in near mint condition. The reverse ricasso is etched with the trademark used from 1937-1939. This trademark consists of a set of scales which have the firm’s initials interspersed, “ACS”. Above the scales the firm’s name is written in block letters in an arch shape, “Alcoso”. Beneath is the location city of “Solingen”. The blade is buffered by a fine brown leather washer.

Scabbard: The scabbard is also a dandy. This scabbard has 100% silvering with almost no age in the surfaces. The silvering has taken on an outstanding black patina which is uniform throughout. The pebbled patterns are still nice and crisp throughout this straight-as-an-arrow shell. The carrying bands feature the overlapping oak leaves decorated with acorns. The oak leaves are positioned upward on the obverse toward the eyelets. These eyelets have extremely crisp triple serrated edges and are designed with a flare at the opening to save wear and tear caused by the hanging rings. The hanging rings also are nicely patinated. The throat of this scabbard is retained by two typical flatter head style Alcoso screws, both of which are unturned.

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