German Medal - Winter Battles in the East 1941/1942

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Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42


36,38 x 44,96 mm


21 g



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German Medal - Winter Battles in the East 1941/1942

Circular zinc medal; the face concave with the German eagle, a cross gammée (swastika) in its claws imposed on a laurel branch; the reverse convex, inscribed WINTERSCHLACHT IM OSTEN (Winter Battle in the East) and dated ‘1941 / 42’ above a crossed laurel branch and sword; age-toned; on original ribbon mounted for wear. The Medal was instituted on 26 May 1942 ‘In Würdigung des heldenhaften Einsatzes gegen den bolschewistischen Feind während des Winters 1941/42’ (In appreciation of the heroic actions against the Bolshevik enemy during the winter of 1941-42). It was awarded to those who between 15 November 1941 and 26 April 1942 took part in 14 days combat, spent 60 days in the combat zone or were killed or wounded. Spanish, Italian, Romanian and other forces allied to Germany also received the Medal on the same conditions. Total weight 21 g. Dimensions: 36,38 x 44,96 mm.

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