Berns Gebrüder (OTTER WERK)




Berns Gebruder (OTTER WERK)



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Berns Gebrüder (OTTER WERK)

Berns Gebruder (OTTER WERK), Solingen

Berns Gebrüder (OTTER WERK)

Round about 1840 the Berns brothers established the company Gebr. Berns in Königsmühlein Solingen, a region of Bergisch Land. They manufactured pocket knives with brandOTTER-Messer in a very little factory. The fish-otters, living in the streams and brooks nextthe little factory, gave the figure and the name OTTER for brand name. At that time, onlysimple and strong pocket knives were manufactured in many different versions, finished withwooden scales, all hand made grinded, stropped and polished!In 1847 OTTER-Messer appeared first as a registered trademark. In 1867 and 1887 moreentries in trademark registers followed. In course of time, economical and social changes,the company moved to Höhscheid (near the centre of Solingen). Mr. Rainer Morsbachovertook the trademark OTTER and knife production in 1989, when Berns brothers closedthe company. Since this time the traditional OTTER-knives were manufactured inSolingen-Merscheid. OTTER-Messer GmbH is set up end of 2010 and at the end of 2011Mr. Frank Rommel overtook the company from Mr. Morsbach. In August 2012 the companymoves to Solingen-Ohligs. The knives are mostly fitted with carbon steel blades (mat. no.2003/C75) and wooden scales, or fitted with stainless blades but all knives are hand mademanufactured and hand stropped. The delivery range enlarges and includes today knives forhousehold, florists, gardeners and industry in well known Solingen industrial quality. Hand made in Solingen/Germany


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