SA Dagger [Early Version] with Hanger by Paul Ebel, Solingen

Ebel Paul, Solingen

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Ebel Paul, Solingen


1933-1935 [Early Version]


Alles für Deutschland «Everything for Germany»




374 mm


482 g (with Hanger)


Leather Hanger


Near Mint

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SA Dagger [Early Version] with Hanger by Paul Ebel, Solingen

This SA [Sturmabteilung] Ebel Dagger in NEAR MINT condition. Model 1933. The total length is 37.4 cm. Early Nickel fittings, lower guard with "Wf" stamp. The Dagger has very rare maker mark on the blade: Paul Ebel, Solingen.

Grip: The crossguards of this fine dagger have a dull nickel patina. The crossguards have good smooth surfaces, crisp edge and precise accent grooves. The gruppe mark is “Wf”. The grip is a very dark red mahogany wood. It is of medium to sharp ridge construction. It has an excellent look about it and if you focus deeply in the recesses there is some nice grain in the wood. The grip is a slightly odd shape as it is more narrow at the bulbous point than usual. This grip is in near mint condition. It just shows normal usage. The SA runes button is still good showing age in the surfaces but no hits to the enamel. The nickel grip eagle is a fine example having a high-necked variety bird and details are still there to the head, breast feathering, wing feathering, legs, wreath and mobile swastika.

Blade: The blade of this example is still mostly bright but it does have some age stains in the surfaces of both sides. This blade grades at about EXC+. The reverse has the very rarely seen maker mark of “Paul Ebel Solingen”. Above the name is the interesting logo which features two fish which are positioned tail to tail. There is a crown like symbol over the two tails and both fish have their mouth open and appear to be laughing. This particular maker is very rarely seen, and, on a scale of one to five is up in the five zone.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is also a very nice example. It is straight throughout and it has the purple color anodized finish. The anodizing is beginning to thin just a little bit. The scabbard mounts are in good condition throughout. They exactly match the patination of the crossguards, and are retained by four nickel screws.

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