Luftwaffe Officer Sword [Miniature] by Alcoso ACS Solingen

Coppel Alexander ALCOSO Solingen

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Coppel Alexander ALCOSO Solingen


M1935 [Miniature]




265 mm


74 g





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Luftwaffe Officer Sword [Miniature] by Alcoso ACS Solingen

This miniature Luftwaffe Officer Sword is in EXC++ condition throughout. Model 1935. The total length is 26.5 cm. The Dagger has the maker mark on the blade: Alcoso ACS Solingen.

Grip: The grip is a wood based type having outstanding original Moroccan blue leather covering. This leather is in choice condition throughout and still shows all of its fine graining. The grip is wrapped with twin copper springy wire.

Blade: The blade still grades at about MINT. The reverse ricasso is etched with the trademark used from 1935-1937. This trademark consists of a set of scales which have the firm’s initials interspersed, “ACS”. Beside the scales the firm’s name is written, “Alcoso”. Beneath is the location city of “Solingen”..

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is nice and straight. The original Moroccan blue leather here is also in good shape. There are no cuts or nips. This leather is all there! The scabbard mounts are a fine matching solid nickel silver. They are in perfect condition.

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