SA Honor Dagger [Early Version] - Gebrüder Heller, Schmalkalden

Heller Gebrüder, Schmalkalden

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Heller Gebrüder, Schmalkalden


1933-1935 [Early Version], M33


Alles für Deutschland «Everything for Germany», Name: Johann Aevers, II/432




373 mm


451 g


excellent plus plus


BO - Bayrische Ostmark

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SA Honor Dagger [Early Version] - Gebrüder Heller, Schmalkalden

This Heller SA Presentation Dagger is a completely customized 1933 SA dagger belonging to Johann Aevers. A custom piece like this was manufactured under an individual contract and quite expensive. SA Dress dagger by Gebr. Heller, Schmalkalden with engrave hilt and scabbard fittings. The fittings feature a deeply engraved oak leaf motif while retaining one hundred percent of the dark gray background frosting and reflect the very finest German craftsmanship. The underside of the lower crossguard bears the benchmark BO - Bayrische Ostmark and inscription on the obverse crossguard «Johann Aevers». SA Dagger is with checkered grip, the quality of the checkering is consistent with the work found on high quality rifle and shotgun grips. The woodcarver´s technique of leaving the raised portions of the grip, i.e., above and below the crossguards and surrounding the grip eagle, perfectly plain and without the checkered design. The blade is in EXC++ example having that real dark motto that we often see on the Heller product. This blade has the original crossgrain. The reverse ricasso is matching dark etched with a double circle logo. Contained within is the firm’s name and location, Gebrüder Heller Schmalkalden. Inside the circles is depicted an anchor. The fit of the blade shoulders to the crossguard contours is perfect. A nice interesting dagger here.

It is very similar to the one seen in Johnsons Book Volume 4, page 114 (SA-Colonel Erwin Lindmann Presentation dagger).

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