SA Dagger M33 [Early Version] - August Bickel (AB), Steinbach

Bickel August (AB), Steinbach

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Bickel August (AB), Steinbach


1933-1935 [Early Version]


Alles für Deutschland «Everything for Germany»




373 mm


470 g




excellent plus plus

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SA Dagger M33 [Early Version] - August Bickel (AB), Steinbach

This early SA Dagger has highly patinated nickel fittings throughout. The crossguards are in good condition having smooth contours, crisp edges, and crisp accent grooves. The lower reverse crossguard is gruppe marked Fr-Franken. The grip of this example is most attractive having a slight burl effect to the graining in the center area, and also a nice vertical graining in the other areas. It fits the crossguards like a rubber glove. The SA runes button is one of those copper types, and it is nicely placed, having good enameled surfaces. This copper runes button is also more convex than they usually are. A nice button here. The grip eagle is the early nickel type. The scabbard shell is straight throughout. The mounts are excellent nickel examples. These mounts have all four nickel screws in place. The blade of this example is still fairly nice. The SA motto is deep and crisp, and perhaps 95% of the original darkening is gone from the backgrounds. The reverse ricasso is matching etched with the horizontal diamond trademark of this firm. The upper portion of the diamond has the intertwined monogram AB and below this is the firm's full name and their address August Bickel Steinbach-Hallenberg. The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower crossguard contour.

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