SA Dagger with hanger [Early Version] - SMF (Stöcker & Co.) Solingen

Stöcker & Co. SMF, Solingen

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Stöcker & Co. SMF, Solingen


1933-1935 [Early Version]


Alles für Deutschland (Everything for Germany)




374 mm


481 g


short leather hanger


Excellent Plus, Plus

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SA Dagger with hanger [Early Version] - SMF (Stöcker & Co.) Solingen

Early SA Dagger with short hanger. This SMF SA Dagger is in fine condition throughout. It has all nickel mounts throughout. The crossguards are complete, with good smooth surfaces, crisp edges, and precise accent grooves. The lower reverse crossguard is Gruppe marked Wf-Westfalen. The grip is a lighter fruitwood, having an appealing grain, which runs on a slight angle on both sides of the grip. This wood is very nice to gaze upon. The grip is a smooth contour construction, remaining in perfect condition throughout. The SA button is nicely placed, and has perfect enamel. The nickel grip eagle is the type -beak which points upward slightly-. This bird still has good detail throughout his head, breast feathering, wing feathering, talons, wreath, and mobile swastika. The scabbard shell is also a beauty. A very fine scabbard shell here. The upper scabbard mount is in excellent condition, and the lower mount unfortunately does have a bend, otherwise the dagger is really in near mint condition. These mounts are retained by the original nickel screws which are all in place and are unturned. The blade is a beauty, being nice and bright, and having needle-like tip and all of the crossgraining visible. The SA motto is deep and crisp, with all of the background darkening. The reverse ricasso is beautifully etched with the seated king trademark. The regent holds an upward pointing sword while sitting on the firm's initials, SMF Stöcker & Co. (SMF-Solinger Metallwaffenfabrik). Below in an arch is the location town, Solingen. The blade shoulders nicely meet the crossguard contour. A nice dagger here, and a terrific dagger if someone could fix the lower ball. There is a short hanger on the carrying ring. This hanger has excellent leather throughout. The hardware is the early variety, being solid nickel, and to include a long snout clip, which of course, is unmarked.

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