NSKK Dagger [Late Version] - RZM M7/70 (David Malsch, Steinbach)

Malsch David, Steinbach

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Malsch David, Steinbach


1939-1942 [Late Version]


Alles für Deutschland (Everything for Germany)




372 mm


436 g




excellent plus plus

Question to product? Product number 1040-11114

NSKK Dagger [Late Version] - RZM M7/70 (David Malsch, Steinbach)

This late produced NSKK example is equipped with nickel-plated crossguards. These crossguards are in choice condition throughout still having a good bright finish. There is some extremely minor age in the surfaces. The grip is a typical RZM type having high ridge construction. The SA runes button shows no damage to the enamel. The grip eagle is a alu type. This alu eagle has a dull finish and is the style with beak which points upwards slightly. This grip is in perfect condition and fits the crossguards like a glove. The scabbard shell is straight throughout. It has perfect original black painted finish. This finish has some crazing in the surfaces and shows just the most nominal of carrying signs. It rates at least 99% however. The scabbard mounts are the nickel-plated steel type. The mounts have excellent plating and are still factory bright. The screws are also a dome head type. The blade is a choice example still being in excellent condition with needlelike tip and having full grain. The SA motto is has fine background lettering which is nearly 100% intact. The reverse blade ricasso is matching etched with a single RZM circle positioned over the David Malsch, Steinbach code, RZM M7/70. The blade shoulders perfectly fit the crossguard contour.

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