DLV Glider Pilot Knife [M1934] with Hanger - Stöcker & Co. SMF, Solingen

Stöcker & Co. SMF, Solingen

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Stöcker & Co. SMF, Solingen






340 mm


403 g (with Hanger)


Short leather-hanger



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DLV Glider Pilot Knife [M1934] with Hanger - Stöcker & Co. SMF, Solingen

German DLV [Deutscher Luftsportverband] Glider Pilot´s Dagger. Model 1934 - 1st version. This early DLV Glider Pilot's Dagger is in an uncleaned, condition. The mounts are all heavy nickel with original patina.

Grip: The pommel top is the three stage variety, and there are no hits on this pommel. The crossguard features the center blocks, which are square on both sides. In the center of these blocks is a medallion having an enamel mobile swastika on both sides. The quillons slope gently downward, and are in the shape of wings, having three stages. One end of the crossguard is marked with the letter "K". The grip is a hand carved wood, being covered with fine, leather.

Blade: The blade is still bright throughout, and has much of its original crossgraining. This blade grades at excellent plus plus. The reverse is etched with the seated king trademark. The king is positioned over the firm's initials and location Stöcker & Co. SMF (Solinger Metallwaren-Fabrik GmbH, Fabrik feiner Stahl- und Metallwaren), Solingen.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight throughout. This shell is also covered with fine leather, also having the same grains as the grip. The scabbard mounts are matching solid nickel, being in good condition. These mounts are retained by the flatter head screws. The hanger ring on this example is with the original hanger.

Hanger: The carrying ring is complete with the original short hanger. This short hanger is as nice as they come being of a dark brown leather and having accent lines along all of the edges. This leather is still in pristine condition. The leather is retained by two oval nickel disks which are held in place by two rivets. These disks also have some original frosting on them. The clip is the standard nickel unmarked type.

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