RAD Enlisted Mans Hewer with hanger [M1934] by Robert Klaas, Solingen

Klaas Robert, Solingen

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Klaas Robert, Solingen




«Arbeit adelt» Work Ennobles




397 mm


1004 g


Leather hanger with clip (marked)



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RAD Enlisted Mans Hewer with hanger [M1934] by Robert Klaas, Solingen

This early RAD Enlisted Hewer is in very choice condition and is made with the highest quality of materials and workmanship. This Klaas 1934 Model RAD Dagger recently comes from a veteran's family. The hilt mounts all retain there original silver finish and are developing a nice patination. The eagles beak is still crisp throughout as are the edges of the reverse ferrule. The crossguard with its upward teardrop loop at the end is also crisp and has 100% of the original darkening still in the backgrounds of the accent lines. The stag grip plates are both beauties having very attractive brown and tan raised grains. These grip plates show no wear. The plates are retained by two RAD screws and spanners on the reverse. The scabbard shell is straight throughout. This shell has outstanding original black paint. This paint is still at nearly 100% and still has its factory brightness. The RAD mounts are matching silver finish nickel base types. The upper mount is decorated on both sides with the RAD curls. Beneath is a row of beading which runs completely around the area that meets the shell. The lower mount has the same beading at the upper portion where it meets the shell. Below on both sides is stamped a RAD spade which has lined surfaces. In the center is a plain mobile swastika. The spade rests between two wheat shafts which are positioned on forty-five degree angles. The original flathead style RAD side screws are all in place and unturned. The bowie-style blade is in outstanding condition being in a matte finish. The spine is still crisp as is the fuller on both sides. This blade is in full mint condition. The RAD motto is very deeply etched and has 100% of the original factory darkening in the backgrounds. The reverse ricasso is matching etched with the RAD triangle and below the patent pending words, Ges. Gesch. Below this is the desirable trademark with the circular design formed by the firm's name and location, Robert Klass, Solingen. In the center is a pair of stylized kissing cranes. An extremely desirable RAD hewer here being of earliest production and in top condition. Dagger is complete with hanger and upper clip marked with H&Co. 38, Hanger is marked with the name of veteran «Truppführer Schlenker K7/74». MINT

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