SS Honour Dagger [Ernst Rohm], German - Böker Solingen

Böker Heinrich (BAUMWERK)

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Böker Heinrich (BAUMWERK)


1933-1935 [Early Model]


In herzlicher Kameradschaft Ernst Röhm


370 mm


503 g


black leather short hanger



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SS Honour Dagger [Ernst Rohm], German - Böker Solingen

Outstanding original SS Full Röhm Inscription Dagger. This SS Dagger is a textbook Böker example. This early SS dagger has a fine Böker hilt having the in-house nickel cross guards. These guards show nominal usage having good smooth surfaces, crisp edges and excellent precise accent grooves. The lower reverse guard is district marked, "I". The ebony grip is a very fine example. The grip has no repairs and nicely fits the cross guards. There is no enamel damage. The grip is the style with "head pointing upward" slightly. There is little wear to the bird having good details to the head, breast and wing feathering, talons, wreath and swastika. A fine hilt here. The scabbard shell is a fine example being straight throughout. This shell has excellent anodized surfaces not showing any lacquer but having a fine even dull color tone. The anodizing really looks great. The scabbard mounts are matching nickel. The upper mount is filled with a green waxy-like substance which seems to occur when leather traps moisture under it. There is a short black hanger is around the carrying ring. The leather on this hanger shows some usage and some age, but it still appears sound and is complete with the small retainer loop. The hanger hardware is nickel-plated. The blade is a very fine example, still being bright and having nearly all of the cross grain still present. There are a few very minor light age stains in the surfaces, but this blade still easily rates at excellent plus, plus to near mint condition. The SS motto, "Meine Ehre heisst Treue" is very crisp and retains 100% of its factory background darkening. The reverse blade is in identical condition. The Röhm inscription is as crisp as the day it was etched. It too, has all of the factory darkening; it is simply outstanding. The inspcription reads, "In herzlicher Kameradschaft Ernst Röhm". The trademark is the small double ovals that were used by Böker for the Röhm inscribed daggers. The double ovals contain the firm’s name and location, “Böker Solingen” and inside is the stark leafless tree. The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower crossguard contour. A full inscription found to remain on one of these SS daggers is extremely rare. Obviously, anyone in the SS would have done what they were told regarding the removal of the inscription/signature. After all, the Führer had declared Röhm a traitor and to not obey this order to remove the signature could put the perpetrator in the same league with the offender Röhm. Needless to say, SS full inscription Röhm daggers are among the rarest (and most desirable) of all 3rd Reich pieces. And excellent opportunity to complete an advanced SS dagger collection.

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Great example

Comparing this SS Röhm Böker. This looks to be a fine Böker built to the standard one would fully expect. Excellent.

Wrote by Neal J. on 31.05.2020

SS-Röhm, M1933 Böker

Ich bin kein Fachmann, bloss ein Sammler.
Ich habe den Dolch auseinandergenommen, gründlich geputzt und wieder zusammengestellt. Alle Teile sind in gutem Zustand, sogar die Lederteile, und scheinen zusammenpassend.
Das Gehänge war verkehrt montiert (wie auf den Fotos ersichtlich) und die Lederhalterung der Riemenszunge fehlt.
Der Dolch scheint mir sehr schön, er war ein guter Kauf.

Wrote by Roberto A. O. on 28.04.2014


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