SS Honour Dagger [Ernst Rohm], German - Hermann Pister (2nd KZ Commander)

Eickhorn Carl, Solingen

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Eickhorn Carl, Solingen


1933-1935 [Early Model]


In herzlicher Kameradschaft Ernst Röhm


371 mm


429 g





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SS Honour Dagger [Ernst Rohm], German - Hermann Pister (2nd KZ Commander)

SS Honor Dagger with full inscription of Rohm. The SS Rohm-Dagger is from Hermann Pister, he was second Commander in KL (KZ) Buchenwald/Weimar. In 1947 he was sentenced to death, by hanging. Carrier detection and seniority list is available. Hermann Pister had the SS service number 29892, which is also found on the dagger, on the lower crossguard. On the crossguard there is also the SS acceptance "III". Model 1933rd. Dagger is with the manufacturer's logo Carl Eickhorn Solingen. The tail of the squirrel is smooth and is located in a small double-oval logo (*small logo, only for dedication pieces). Early type. The handle is made of real ebony and is black. On the front there is the motto: Meine Ehre heißt Treue [My honor is loyalty], and on the back is the Rohm engraving. In herzlicher Kameradschaft Ernst Röhm [In heartfelt comradeship Ernst Rohm]. Etched in the same color (gray) and deep. The scabbard is beautifully preserved with number # 183 stamped on the top and bottom fittings. Fittings made ​​of nickel silver and with all screws. The excerpts of Hermann Pister comes with a dagger. In the documents, you can also find the SS number 29892.

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